Sweet Potato & Yam Mont Blanc

​This cake is dedicated to my mom, who has been my biggest supporter in this ... (click above to read more)

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Sweet Potato & Yam Mont Blanc

​This cake is dedicated to my mom, who has been my biggest supporter in this venture. She's been my biggest spokesperson and PR manager, actively promoting my new site and initiatives. Whenever I have huge orders, she would stay up till midnight to help cut my cards and stickers, to wash and prepare the plates and trays, amongst other things - even when she is sick. She does these with so much pride, and often emails me from time to time with new ideas and suggestions to consider.

I've realised that who I am today is heavily influenced by my mum, more than my education. My brother has a big heart - the biggest ever, which makes him so vulnerable to being taken advantage of. It was my mum who brought us up to be generous, kind-hearted and humble people. 

My mum loves japanese sweet potato because it's healthy (my parents are really health conscious) but I can never appreciate it. I used to love yam mousse though, and once in a while my mum would make it for us, knowing that i love it, even if it takes so much effort just to mash the yam into a smooth consistency.

So, this is my attempt at a sweet potato yam mont blanc cake - a mini sweet potato souffle cake with yam paste mousse and sweet potato paste.

Happy birthday mom!

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