Sweet Potato & Yam Mont Blanc

​This cake is dedicated to my mom, who has been my biggest supporter in this ... (click above to read more)

Strawberry Hazelnut Cupcake

​[Will Bake For Stories] Sherrie wrote me a story about Alex, someone who has ... (click above to read more)

Triple Cream Cheese Cupcake

[Will Bake For Stories] Clara wrote to me a few days before Valentines' to ask ... (click above to read more)

Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcake

Blueberry vanilla cake with blueberry jam, cream cheese and home-made blueberry syrup

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake

​Dark chocolate cake with raspberry jam, raspberry buttercream, and dark chocolate ganache (right)

Coconut Pineapple Tart Cupcake

​Coconut base with pineapple paste filling, coconut swiss meringue buttercream and shredded coconut!

Strawberry Hazelnut Cupcake

​​[Will Bake For Stories] Sherrie wrote me a story about Alex, someone who has shown her what it means to love. And she said he liked strawberry and hazelnut, so here's a new creation just for them both.

Everyone has a different ideal of how their love life should pan out. I think at some point I learnt to see the perfection of imperfection. 

Alex and I are probably an example of how opposites attract. We have too many differences, from ambition to personality to beliefs, but I see him really try to work things out patiently, making compromises even if it makes him uncomfortable. I think I experience a side of him that people normally wouldn't know he possesses so deeply, and that is the way which he unknowingly tries so selflessly and patiently for someone that matters. Maybe I'm not the most dreamy and optimistic person but rather than see love in the lifelong promises and the 'you complete me' assessments, I see more of it in the choice someone makes to accept you for the things you hate about yourself. 

I'll say you really never know whether anything lasts for life, but in its own bittersweet way that's what makes the present so very precious. This is a large thank you to him for having accepted all my depression, insecurities, forgetfulness, sensitivity and other potential tie breakers.

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