Hummingbird Cupcake

This cupcake has a special meaning to me, because I first made it for my ... (click above to read more)

Milo Cupcake

Chocolate malt base with milo frosting and old-school condensed milk filling!

Pistachio Meringue Cake

My friend Mindy approached me to bake a cake for her dad's 50th birthday, who ... (click above to read more)

Kinder Bueno Nutella Cupcake

Chocolate base with nutella frosting and filling and topped with Kinder Bueno!

Salted Butter Popcorn Cupcake

Inspired by Adriano Zumbo's salted butter popcorn macaron flavor on my ... (click above to read more)

Reese's Peanut Butter Cupcake

I made this cupcake for my boyfriend, to celebrate our month anniversary. The ... (click above to read more)

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