Mocha Cookie Crumble Cupcake

Just had to make this after I fell in love with the Starbucks mocha cookie ... (click above to read more)

Mega Monthniversary Cake

I wanted to celebrate my 18th month anniversary, so I made this mega three-layer... (click above to read more)

Lemon Blueberry Cupcake

This is a story that must be told. To bake these cupcakes, I had to rush ... (click above to read more)

Mango Mousse Cheesecake

My mom 'commissioned' me to bake a cake for my aunt's birthday. My family ... (click above to read more)

Black Forest Mousse Cake

Dark and milk chocolate mousse with kirsch-soaked cherries - exchange farewell cake for Joanne (:

PB & Jelly Cupcake

Peanut butter base with peanut butter and jelly frosting

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